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What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Posted by Benjamin Nickel on

Horizontal Directional Drilling (or HDD) is a construction technique that is used to create a tunnel into the earth and under waterways to allow for pipelines or other utilities to be laid. This is in the stead of trench drilling, where you dig a narrow trench that varies in depth.

Though HDD is a relatively new technology, it is a fast growing construction technique being picked up by most construction companies. This is in part due to HDD being much cheaper than the traditional trench drilling as well as being faster. 

Why Is HDD Used In Construction?

Construction businesses can tell you that the number one factor in getting a job contract is promising a timeframe of completion. The second factor, but by no means inferior, is the price of the job being done. 

HDD is a faster and less expensive alternative to trench drilling, meaning that the companies that have the equipment and crew ready to go with HDD have a large leg up on the competition. HDD takes away the worry of inaccessible areas such as roadways, buildings, infrastructures, waterways, and wetlands. This vastly decreases the price and timeframe on a jobsite. 

The secondary factor to HDD that is becoming more prominent as time goes on is the impact it has on the environment. With no need to worry about what's on the surface or bodies of water, the impact HDD has on disruption to animal life and ecosystems is minimized. 

Last but not least is safety. HDD is far safer than trench drilling. Anytime you have a construction site with an open trench, safety becomes a concern. HDD also needs far less time and construction area to operate, limiting the need for workers as well as the danger of being on the site for extended periods of time. 

The Importance Of Having Equipment Available And In Good Repair

Any drilling equipment means you need staff on hand for maintenance and repairs. HDD is a high tech and very versatile drilling option, but it does require at least two people to operate and appropriate knowledge to service the machine. Keeping your equipment in proper condition should be one of the first things on a contractor's mind. 

Having a reliable source for replacement parts and repairs is a must for all construction sites. Between drills breaking and transmitters malfunctioning, having a replacement ready to order will be your best friend. You can't avoid the normal wear and tear of use, but you can avoid downtime by being one step ahead. Instead of buying new, many companies are now relying on refurbished transmitters and repairing their receivers. This service is usually much cheaper as well as much faster. 

Repair Services And Refurbished Transmitters In Fort Worth

A one stop shop for all your repair and refurbished needs, CorTek Power has been Fort Worth's number one HDD transmitter shop for years. With parts always in stock and a warranty period longer than DCI, we pride ourselves on the fastest delivery possible with customer service that can't be beat. We also provide batteries and chargers, and would be proud to help your HDD project in any way we can.

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