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4 Smart Reasons To Buy Refurbished DigiTrak Transmitters

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Horizontal Directional Drilling is one of the newest innovations for drilling and laying pipelines or utility lines. Though it has many amazing uses, it also comes with a hefty price tag to operate. With top end technology you run into a few problems that plague the practice of HDD. From finding the right strength transmitters to being able to afford them in the first place, keeping your drilling business on track can take a toll on the nerves. 

Luckily, the advancement in technology also means advancement in repair and refurbish. You can now find working and reliable DigiTrak transmitters from companies that specialize in repair.  

Save Money And Time

Transmitters take up a decent chunk of HDD operating expense, with the constant fear of being damaged or even stolen. These transmitters start you off brand new anywhere from $1000 to $7000, depending on the depth you need. If you go with a refurbished option you run into savings anywhere from 40% to 60%. 

Most of the repair and refurbish businesses also run off of the rule of “They need the transmitter yesterday”, meaning that rapid delivery is key. Downtime for a drilling business is money being thrown out the window. Crew costs, wear and tear on the equipment for being out in the elements, and pressure to complete the project on a deadline are all factors that DigiTrak refurbishers know too well. 

180 Day Warranty

This limited warranty should be offered by any reputable refurbish business. With any repair service, there is always some chance of improper workmanship or materials that cause the transmitter to break well before it should even if used exactly as intended. These warranties should activate the day of purchase and cover the customer if the transmitter malfunctions. Of course, always read the warranty to verify what it covers and what could void the coverage. 

Reliable Equipment At Affordable Prices

Transmitters, Subsite beacons, and batteries are some of the most diverse pieces of the puzzle for HDD.  With over twenty different types of transmitters that could be needed for a jobsite, getting reliable equipment at an affordable price is a must. If you find yourself in need of a specific transmitter but don't want to spend top dollar, refurbished is a very viable option. Between the savings, warranties, and fast delivery you can save thousands of dollars on a single purchase.  

Get The Equipment You Need Fast

As discussed above, fast delivery is the core tenant of a transmitter repair and refurbish business. Getting you the equipment as fast as possible and in working condition is their number one concern. Most companies will offer overnight if you are close enough or as close as they can get.

Refurbished DigiTrak Transmitters For Sale In Fort Worth

For over 10 years, CorTek Power has seen the need for affordable transmitters and taken that to heart. Rebuilding Sondes and transmitters as well as a reliable repair for receivers has been our number one priority for our customers. Great service at a great price, guaranteed. Let CorTek Power help you avoid the downtime that costs you money.

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