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How Far Can Directional Drilling Go?

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While the maximum distance reached underground via directional drilling is over 10 km, our directional drilling transmitters are built for pipe lining and utilities that reach between 30 to 85 ft underground. 

Directional Drilling is an effective method of putting in pipe and connecting utilities without disrupting anything above ground. Using our directional drilling transmitters you can establish an effective bore path, avoid existing utilities, and choose location of entry and exit pits.

Once the operator is drilling, a crew member using a handheld can track the drill head to determine the exact position and depth of the drill housing.

Directional Drilling Requires Accurate Transmitters

There's a lot to prepare for with any horizontal drilling. The accuracy of your transmitter can make the difference between successfully circumventing current pipe, cable, and utilties, or causing damage to your clients' property.

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