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Directional Drilling Transmitters

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Directional drilling transmitters are electronic devices placed immediately behind the cutting head on your directional drilling machine. Transmitters are important because they send signals to the surface which are read by the receiver and sent to the directional drill operator. Without the appropriate transmitters, you are working blindly.

Our transmitters at DigiPro HDD provide information on depth, pitch, roll, and temperature. Using this information allows for a more precise and efficient drilling. The transmitters in our shop differ in frequency and compatibility. Be sure you are getting the right transmitter for the right job and system. If you are unsure as to which transmitter you need for your system, feel free to give us a call and we will help you get the right parts.

Competitively Priced DigiTrak Transmitters

Using multiple frequency technology, our transmitters can operate in areas that have high electrical and electronic interference. In other words, you’ll get at least one clear signal even if the work site has existing utilities giving off signals – including everyone’s smart phones. This ability to cut through the interference allows for our transmitters to have greater depth capabilities (100 ft+). This means you’ll be saving money by not having to invest in expensive wireline tracking.  Below are some of the transmitter series that we sell.  Feel free to check out our shop for all of our transmitters available for purchase.

DigiTrak F5
Our DigiTrak F5 transmitters come in dual frequency to combat interference – 19.2 and 12 kHz. Typically these transmitters have a maximum operating temperature of 220 degrees Fahrenheit and a depth range of 65 feet. F5 transmitters use 1 Max HDD Lithium (60 hours awake) or Supercell Lithium (80 hours awake). Remember that F5 transmitters only work with F5 systems.

DigiTrak SE
Our DigiTrak SE transmitters come in a single 12-kHz frequency. With a maximum operating temperature of 220 degrees Fahrenheit and a depth range of 50 feet, the SE transmitters use 2 C-cell Alkaline (10 hours awake), Blue Lithium (30 hours awake), Max HDD Lithium (60 hours awake), or Supercell Lithium (80 hours awake). SE transmitters are only compatible with SE systems.

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