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With Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), precision and reliability are the cornerstones of success. Recognizing this, Cor-Tek Power brings to you the Digitrak F2 Series Transmitters, a lineup designed to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of your drilling projects. The series includes the FX 12 Grey and FX 19 Black 65Ft. Transmitters, alongside their long-range counterparts, the FXL 12 Grey and FXL 19 Black 85Ft. Transmitters, and the versatile FX 19/12 65Ft. Dual Frequency Transmitter. Each model is priced to offer exceptional value for your investment, ensuring that your projects are powered by the best in HDD technology.

Unmatched Precision and Durability

The F2 Series stands out for its exceptional precision, offering pinpoint accuracy for tracking even in the most challenging conditions. Whether you're navigating dense urban environments or tackling rural projects with complex underground obstacles, these transmitters ensure your drill head is exactly where it needs to be.

FX 12 Grey and FX 19 Black 65Ft. Transmitters: Priced at $1,649.00, these models are the backbone of the F2 Series, offering reliable performance and durability for standard-range drilling operations.

FXL 12 Grey and FXL 19 Black 85Ft. Transmitters: For projects that demand extended reach, these long-range transmitters, available at $1,949.00, provide the extra distance without compromising accuracy.

FX 19/12 65Ft. Dual Frequency Transmitter: At $1,899.00, this transmitter combines versatility and performance, allowing operators to switch frequencies on the fly to adapt to varying underground conditions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding the diverse demands of HDD projects, the Digitrak F2 Series Transmitters are engineered to meet a broad spectrum of drilling requirements. From standard installations to complex, long-range operations, Cor-Tek Power offers a transmitter solution that aligns with your project specifications and budget.

Cor-Tek Power: Your Trusted Equipment Partner

Choosing Cor-Tek Power as your equipment supplier means more than just accessing top-tier HDD technology. It means partnering with a company committed to your project's success. Our team is dedicated to providing not only the best products but also unparalleled support and expertise in the HDD field.

The Smart Choice for HDD Professionals

Investing in the Digitrak F2 Series Transmitters through Cor-Tek Power is an investment in the productivity and success of your HDD projects. With competitive pricing, robust construction, and the backing of comprehensive customer support, these transmitters represent the pinnacle of HDD tracking technology.

Elevate your drilling operations with the precision, reliability, and performance of the F2 Series. Explore our selection today and discover how Cor-Tek Power is equipped to support your next project. In a market where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, make the smart choice with Digitrak F2 Series Transmitters. Your success is our priority, and with these advanced tools, we’re here to ensure your operations achieve unparalleled results.

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