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HDD Transmitters: Directional Drilling Tracking & Guiding

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Horizontal Directional Drilling is the primary trenchless construction method for installing underground utilities in the United States. By using electronic tracking and guidance systems, HDD units can install underground pip and cable just about anywhere necessary.

Why HDD Transmitters For Tracking

Inside the drilling head, there's a small cylindrical radio transmitter that signals to a crew member the current location of the drill head to allow guided drilling underneath the ground while the horizontal drilling team is on the ground. The drill operator using the signals that are transmitted can then direct the drill to make shifts and adjust the positioning of the drill head.

Advancements in HDD Transmitters

HDD Guidance systems have improved greatly, but due to the nature of the work, require regular replacement or repairs of the HDD Transmitters. Thanks to the walk-over guidance systems that we have now, we can even detect areas where there are high levels of electrical interference to prevent running into existing utilities.

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