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Lithium Battery for Digitrak & Subsite Sondes Ditch Witch, Vermeer

Posted by Benjamin Nickel on

Find and purchase Lithium Battery for Digitrak & Subsite Sondes Ditch Witch. If you need to buy lithium batteries for Digitrak or Subsite Sondes then this is the best place to get them at a great price.

The Max HDD is an aftermarket 70 hour lithium single cell CC battery comparable to the Silver Supercell. It has been independently tested & proven to outlast ALL other aftermarket batteries on the market. This battery is designed specifically for HDD application with Heat Shield technology.

Compatible with most Digitrak™ & Ditch Witch™ Subsite™ Transmitters

All lithium batteries have an hour rating listed +/- 10 hours. This is due to varying power consumption of different transmitter models. Transmitter batteries safely operate in temperatures -40° - 302°F (-40° - 150°C) and have been tested to withstand shock & vibration while maintaining constant voltage discharge rate. Self-discharge rate of 2% per year at 25°C.

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